Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Is She Even Alive?

Much debate in the past week or so on Terri Schiavo. The feeding tube has been out now for about 97+ hours. That's just over four days. I wonder if she feels it? Science says no. She is effectively brain-dead and has been for 15 years.

Does Congress have the right to do what they've done? I don't think so. I've looked at the Constitution and I don't see anywhere that affords Congress the right to step into people's personal medical decisions.

I'm concerned about this Act that was passed and signed by the President on Monday. The document reads that this Act in no way, shape, or form sets any precedent for future legislation. But come on! What is the Act if not precedent setting?

I know this is the third time that the feeding tube has been removed from Schiavo and I would think that effectively allowing someone to starve to death for even a few days and then reinserting the tube would be incredibly harmful to the physical body.

I guess I just don't understand the motives of her parents. I'm thinking that what they're doing to her is just as bad as what they say Schiavo's "husband" is doing to her. He wants her dead; they want her alive. And in the middle of all that is this helpless, brain-dead person that probably does not have the ability to feel but how can anyone know for sure?

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