Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Today has not been the best day ever. It started out great as I was able to wake up under very pleasant circumstances but from then on it started going downhill and hasn't really slowed its descent.

Now I'm sitting in class and my prof is being an ass and an "elitist" (his word, not mine) and he's dissing everyone in America who's not sitting in class right now and has no intention of sitting in class. It's too much info to go into right now but trust me when I say he's being an ass.

I have to work for nine hours tomorrow - with no break, mind you - and then literally go straight from that to math and take a test over 80 pages of material. I have a math test every week for the next three weeks.

I talked to my mom earlier today and I don't really feel like going into those details here right now but let me just say that I didn't exactly leave that conversation feeling great.

There are other things going on as well but I seriously doubt the people involved in those situations would appreciate me putting it out here for everyone to read. So I won't, but all in all it's just been a really frustrating day.

What I want now more than anything is a hug and possibly a massage. And the bottle of wine that I forgot to bring home with me from last night.


gojiro said...

You know my number. We can wallow in each other's misery like really depressed pigs. It'll be fun.

SerenitySprings said...

It'll be just like old times! And I do mean JUST.

If I can pull myself outta this funk long enough to dial a number I'll give you a call. But more than likely I'm just gonna try to sleep it off. Nothing like sleep to feed denial.

OutlawMusicDJ said...

Sorry to hear about the crap. Ya know ya gots plenty of Browncoat friends 'round willing to lean an ear if ya need it!