Saturday, November 12, 2005


I need some ideas for a quick a two day vacation. It's gotta be somewhere close to home and not too expensive, because I'm a tightwad like that. Got any ideas?


gojiro said...

Austin. Austin fucking rocks. I would totally move there if I could. Besides Emilie and Graham, it's got Ernie Cline and that cool movie theater restaurant, and Chuy's, and that one hotel place that's all historical and shit. And some good bands and ... um ... other stuff.

Just fuckin' go. Take my word for it.

Or, there's always Oklahoma...

SerenitySprings said...

That's a wee bit farther than I was thinking. I want something that's not more than an hour away. But yeah, Austin does totally rock.

Anonymous said...

Thats easy to accomplish. Vacation is a state of mind. For cheap, find a decent rate on a hotel downtown that has an indoor heated pool. Go there, and disconnect from the world.

For incredible, check out

I've not been, but I HAVE been to places similar (i.e. Africa)

wild animals + rustic cabins = relaxed.

SerenitySprings said...

Who awww you? How you fine my viwage?

Anonymous said...

Technically, I think you found my village. Or maybe you founded a new one.

Hard to say. But that wasn't spam. Just an interesting suggestion.