Saturday, December 17, 2005

Me: Guess what?!

OhioDave™: What now?

Me: I've now been fired three times this year. I'm such a loser.

OhioDave™: Yeah, a genius loser who passed her math test and belongs to some funky thing that's better than Mensa.

Me: True. And David leaves today for two weeks.

OhioDave™: So tell him he can't go.

Me: He's going to the Caribbean.

OhioDave™: Sucks to be you!

So yeah, I am now looking for a new job. Again. My boss told me today that I either come back to work the day after Christmas or Christmas Eve is my last day. Since I'm going to be in Oklahoma for a week after Christmas with Jack, I told her that Christmas Eve would be my last day. Nice.

Um, anybody hiring?

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