Wednesday, December 14, 2005

This Strange Internet

I found a blog about a year ago by reading David's brother's blog. I clicked on the various links on the recommended blog and found Ginger's blog. I'm sure I'll never meet her or know her personally, but almost every time I read what she writes I just about die laughing because in so many ways she reminds me so much of myself.

Well, while reading her blog, I began to click the links to other blogs that she had listed. One of those links took me to the blog of her brother, who was serving in the Peace Corps in Zambia. His blog was awesome - tales of his adventures in the Peace Corps and just in life.

A few weeks ago he was killed in an accident. It was one of those senseless accidents that really just pisses you off at the absolute meaninglessness of it.

It's weird because I don't actually know those people yet I still felt a profound sense of loss when I discovered that he was no longer with us. I've never really experienced anything like that - feeling sorrow at the loss of someone that I don't actually know.

I can't imagine what that family is going through but I know the pain must be intolerable. I wish there was something I could do - anything. But there's really not. I just wish they didn't have to go through this. Because even though I don't actually know them, I feel like through reading those blogs I've seen a part of their lives. And I hurt for them.

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