Tuesday, January 03, 2006

That's it...

...I'm outta here. I don't know yet where I'm going but I CANNOT stay here any longer.


gojiro said...

And you put up with that shit why, exactly? Tell her to fuck off, keep the remote, and watch what you want to watch. What a bitch.

SerenitySprings said...

I don't know. I've pretty much come to the conclusion that nobody but me will probably ever understand why I put up with her constant shit. I've tried explaining it before but people just don't seem to get it. Suffice it to say, I don't want her fucking power. She can keep it. She moves out in July, anyway. She's really young and inexperienced and has not yet learned that respecting other people really is important...even in the little things.

I guess most of my frustration right now comes from the fact that I feel like I'm being taken advantage of in several areas of my life and since she's so tiny and insignificant I guess it's easiest for me to bitch about her. In all honestly, though, her petty annoyances don't really mean anything. I don't really understand my ability to focus on her stupid shit when there are much bigger issues under the surface that have nothing at all to do with her. I guess she's my personal scapegoat.

I guess right now I'm feeling somewhat used and under-appreciated and rather than dealing with those issues I'm just taking it out on the Roommate from Hell. And while, yes, she is an insano bitch most of the time, it's not her fault that I can't find the balls to stand up for me in this other situation.

So I guess maybe that's why I put up with her shit. She is evil but I know deep down inside that she and her actions are unimportant. So rather than fight over really stupid shit I just fume in silence and focus my frustrations from other situations in her general direction in order to avoid having to deal with bigger issues.

Addie said...

so how exactly did you get her as a roommate?

SerenitySprings said...

Because God hates me.

But seriously, it's because when I moved here I put my name in this book in the leasing office of the college apartments and my current roommate called me and offered me a sweet rental deal. I figured I'd stay here through the summer and find new roommates when the fall semester hit. Then it just seemed like a lot of unnecessary work so I just decided to stay here. Now I just keep telling myself that she graduates in May so I'll be free after that.

But I will tell you this: this Thursday night I am sooo watching The Office on NBC and I WILL fight her if she messes with me. : )