Tuesday, February 21, 2006


I took a little nap today and dreamed about fluid bursting forth from the top of my computer, 3-D fish eating through my computer screen from the outside front, and Jesus drowning in the ocean instead of on the cross while I was swimming next to him. There was way more to it than that but those are the only situations I can even begin to describe.

What in the hell does THAT mean?


gojiro said...

It means you should lay off the drugs. Sewiously.

SerenitySprings said...

No shit, huh. Only I'm not doing any drugs. My brain is really just into screwing with me that much.

I had more nightmarish dreams last night whilst in the throes of really unrestful sleep. The imagery in these dreams is even harder to describe than the Jesus Drowning incident, but trust me when I say, HOLY CRAP my dreams are really freaking me out.

Maybe Ashley is spiking my cereal with strychnine or something.