Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Let Your Political Colors Fly!


Should we put exceptionally complex public policy issues to the people for a vote?

This is the discussion we're having in class now and it's been really interesting to hear what everybody has to say.


Karl Gallagher said...

California has that in the initiative/referendum system. Usually doesn't work too well, it's too easy for interested groups to game the system. It does have the virtue of being the only way to force discussion of an issue that the two big parties don't want to talk about (ie, medical marijuana).

This annoys me enough I came up with my own plan for fixing the system.

Addie said...

no - most people are too apathetic to educate themselves on the issues so are therefore easily swayed by celebrities and/or big interest groups... they dont understand the whole issue so they vote stupidly, and then complain about what happens afterwards

Dave-o-ramA said...

I believe that we should be able to do this to repeal laws. One of the many many ways to get laws off books. The Texas constitution, on the other hand, is a fucking effed up mess. I vote against every constitutional amendment, on the principal that the Constitution should be ditched and re-written, not amended to allow some specific land deal to go through in some one county. That's just not a constitutional issue.