Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Rift in Death's Design

All I'm saying is that there are days when I really relate to this guy.

Heretofore I shall measure the love that my friends and family have for me by how many times they make me either watch or listen to them watch such mesmerizing films as "Final Destination 2."

And once said love is measured, I think I'll poke my eyes and ears out with an INK PEN.


Anonymous said...

Final Destination 2 is awesome. Deal with it.

SerenitySprings said...

I've seen it. It sucks diddly uck, or something like that. The acting is wooden, the story is implausible, and there aren't enough scantily clad hot chicks flitting about. :P

I hated that movie, and the first one too. I think my problem starts with the title of the second film. How can there be more than one FINAL destination?? I know, I know. Both stories, while similar, are still mostly different.

Holy crap I've spent WAY too much time talking about this shitty movie. HERETOFORE I shall discuss it no more. So spake me.