Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New Haircut

I got my hair cut today. Here's the result:

It's a little less anime than I was hoping for but I'm thinking with a flat iron and some hair spray, I am there!

The color is pretty awesome though...it's really red with some blonde mixed in occassionally.


gojiro said...

Wow, you look great. A helluva lot better than the New Jersey Mushroom Cloud o' Hair. :-)

You remind me of some movie person. I can't think of who, but someone famous.

Anyway, pretty. I like it.

Addie said...

the color and the cut are great - I love it

SerenitySprings said...

Thanks! That took 4 hours. As I was sitting there I remembered why I sometimes go 10 months without getting my hair cut.

Anonymous said...

Wow! She's SMOKIN hot!!!!