Wednesday, March 08, 2006

OhioDave™ Strikes Again!

Swiped this lil bit o' goodness from OhioDave™ this mornin'.

The most dangerous thing in life is a person who constantly refers to 'values.' If I was going to write down my testament, that is it. None of us has the right to tell anyone how to live. None of us has the right to hold back anybody else for any reason at all -- race, religion, income, or what have you.

Apparently the ever incontrovertible Neal Stephenson wrote that in his collaboration with J. Frederick George entitled Interface. I've never read it but comments like that certainly make me want to.


OutlawMusicDJ said...

I believe that quote could be used for BOTH sides of any arguement. (let alone the one I seem to be the lone conservative of)

SerenitySprings said...

I don't think the quote takes a conservative or liberal tone. I think it simply states that we should live and let live.