Friday, April 21, 2006

For My Boyfriend, Part II

WTF? I don't even drink beer. (Somebody keeps promising to teach me about beer but we always seem to end up doing other things instead. or vodka based drinks. Go figure.)

What kind of beer am I?

You Are Corona

You don't drink for the love of beer. You drink to get drunk.
You prefer a very light, very smooth beer. A beer that's hardly a beer at all.
And while you make not like the taste of beer, you like the feeling of being drunk.
You drink early and often. Sometimes with friends. Sometimes alone. All the party needs is you!


Dave-o-ramA said...


However, I should point out that for the 'best towns to pub crawl in' they missed a few.

'San Francisco'

Seattle, Boston, and San Francisco are probably some of the biggest microbrew places. To not have a German city on a beer related list is negligent. Brussels, Prague, and London also have good beer.

Amsterdam shouldn't be on the list. There are no good Dutch beers, (well maybe there are but I can't think of them right off). If you're in Amsterdam it's to smoke out or get hookers.

New Orleans isn't a beer city either. It's a cocktail city. The Hurricane. The Hand Grenade. The Hot Toddy. These are the drinks of New Orleans. Abita is a pretty decent beer, but there are better places for beer.

Cancun, meh. Again, not a beer town.

I came out as Guinness, as a drinker of 'only the best'. Uhh, yeah, I drink guiness if I can't find a good beer. That's maybe the best globo-industrial beer out there, but its seriously mass produced, and it shows. Murphys or an American microbrew are where to go for stouts. If you're going to say 'uncompromising' go for a real uncompromising beer, like Paulaner Salvator.

JustZizGuyYouKnow? said...

Seriously, Guiness? WTF? I thought it said good beer. Where are the bitters!?!

Screw that. I'm some type of cask-matured bitter, or possibly a really rich altbier.

Though I wouldn't say no to the beer at U Flecku.

Dammit, Dave, we have to go do the beer tour of Europe.