Thursday, April 13, 2006

Please explain it to me

I have some questions for all of you anti-Planned Parenthood folks out there.

Can you please explain to me how your successful lobbying to cut funding to various family planning clinics around the country which has resulted in a dramatic increase in the cost of birth control going to help stop women from getting abortions?

Can you explain to me how the rates of unwanted pregnancies will go down if women are denied birth control because they can no longer afford it?

Can you explain why I must personally be subjected to your religious and/or moral convictions?

Can you please help me to understand why you hate women so much?

Thank goodness for me that I just so happen to go to school at a university that has a health clinic that offers birth control at a reduced price. But not every woman is that lucky. Most women rely upon various clinics to get their birth control and now that prices have been raised exponentially, that has been taken away from them.

HOW WILL THIS STOP UNWANTED PREGNANCIES?? Shouldn't birth control factor into your argument against abortion? Wouldn't you rather see women on birth control than getting abortions?

Please, help me to understand what your goal is here.


SUZANNE said...

I won't answer all your loaded questions, but I will say that the notion that loving unborn children and wanting equality for them is anti-woman is ridiculous. I AM a woman. Just as granting rights to other groups did not diminish me, granting rights to unborn children does not.

I note that according to feminist sources, 87% of counties in the US do not have abortionists. If these women do not have access to abortion, and birth control is so "hard" to get, how come there aren't more illegal abortions out there? Where are all the abortion deaths that are suppsoed to happen because women don't have access to abortion?

JustZizGuyYouKnow? said...

Um, because unlike in your dream country, Saudi Arabia, women here can drive to where there are medical doctors who perform abortions?

SerenitySprings said...

Unless you live in the panhandle of Texas where it takes 3 to 4 hours to find a doctor who will perform an abortion because all of the clinics have been closed down due to the lobbying efforts of so-called "fetal rights activists."

And yes, granting "rights" to unborn masses of cells DOES diminish the rights afforded to women. When women are no longer allowed to choose what is best for them and their bodies then, yes, they have been discriminated against.

Until science can prove to me that a fetus is a person, I should have the option to terminate a pregnancy if I so choose. No one else's personal religious or moral convictions should come into play when I'm dealing with MY body.

If you don't want to have an abortion, don't get one. But don't think that those of us who are pro-choice are just going to sit here and take your bigotry in stride.

Anyway, the point of my original post was the fact that in your attempt to get abortions banned you have actually made it very difficult for some women to find affordable birth control. In your quest to secure "fetal rights", you have done nothing but ensure more and more unwanted pregnancies. Yay for you.