Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Some Friendly Advice

Let's say you happen to live in a teeny tiny apartment with two other people. And let's say you need to have a big ol' fight with your ex-fiance about how wrong he did you. And let's say that one of your roommates happens to have a pretty important test the next day. So what do you do?

You yell into your phone forever with your bedroom door open so that every single other person in the house has to listen to the yelling, name calling, demands for an apology, etc.

Oh yeah. It's just awesome.

So my advice? Everybody on the planet has enough of their own stress and doesn't need your yelling and so forth inflicted upon them. If you must be a total bitch, please, please do it on your own time and don't involve your roommates.

I really need to move. Soon.

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