Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Oh to be black

Winston is a guy in all of my poli sci courses. We were just talking to the president of the pre-law thingy here at UTD and he was asking her about gpa requirements for law school. She was explaining that it would have to be high and his response was, "Well, I'm black. What does it need to be for me?"

Oh to be black.


Anonymous said...

or yellow, or brown, or red, or female. anything other than a white male.


SerenitySprings said...

Okay, true. But honestly, it's not much better being a white woman. Or maybe I'm just lazy. Whatev. I need a nap. :)

fictionfiend said...

Oh, boo hoo the plight of the white male.
Who has all the top jobs, the choicest housing and who are the richest people in the world.
Boo hoo. My heart bleeds for you.

Karl Gallagher said...

Right, guy. Get mediocre preparation, then be admitted into a school where 95% of your classmates are better prepared than you are. Practice your shocked expression for when you find out you're not going to graduate with your class, if ever.

Ever notice universities are always bragging about the % of minorites they admit, not who graduate?