Wednesday, June 07, 2006

America, Fuck Yeah...sorta

There were not enough votes in the Senate to get the gay marriage ban amendment sent to a full vote. Unfortunately however, many Americans still think marriage between same-sex couples is wrong, although few Americans are actually in favor of amending the constitution.

The time is now to contact your senators and let them know that although an ABC News poll might say support is growing to legally discriminate against Americans, that doesn't mean you believe it is the right thing to do.

Seriously. This is a fight that is akin to what Native Americans, African Americans, and women have already gone through and to some extent, are still going through. It doesn't matter if you think it's "okay" to be gay or not. Remember, a few short years ago the vast majority of Americans didn't think it was "okay" to be black.

I am a straight American. I think it is just as important for straight people to get involved with this fight as it is anyone else. This is a time for solidarity and a time for us to stand up and remind our government about that little 14th Amendment guarantee we ALL have according to our constitution.

(50% of marriages end in gayness.)

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greeneagles said...

Ah yes the 14th amendment, the most overly used and erroneous, with the notable exception of the 18th, of all amendments. I would agree that this vote is ridiculous because there is already a federal law (Defense of Marriage Act 1996) prohibiting the recognition of these marriages at the federal level and giving states the choice to recognize or deny recognition. This is an issue for the states and their citizens, not a constitutional amendment.