Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Gay marriage and churches

Churches all over the country are reading statements to their congregations asking the parishioners to contact their senators to show their support of the federal marriage amendment.

We don't have a church. We don't have anyone reading us statements asking us to contact our senators to let them know how we feel about the federal marriage amendment.

That means it's our responsibility to take action on this matter immediately. It's up to you and me to let our government know that not everyone in this country supports the federal marriage amendment.

Find your senator here.

*Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, go to hell. I can't be any more intelligent than that because I can't believe you people even exist.

**Oh, and Dr. Dobson, homosexuality is not something you can "cure". Gay men are not less manly than other men and gay women are not engaged in "spiritual warfare." Counseling won't make gay people "better", because there's nothing wrong with gay people. What business is it of yours who anybody loves?


bs said...

Well, I'm queer, I masturbate and I look at porn.
That express car to hell just keeps getting cushier...

Sealegs said...

I can't even look at any media coverage on the issue because it just makes me sad that people are so vehemently opposed to "gayness". Everyone's a little gay. It's not like we are fucking pedophiles (hehe - that could be read 2 ways..). I hate the world. Bah!