Thursday, August 31, 2006

I need help

My vcr has gone wonky. Sometimes when it's on it jumps. Not the vcr, but the picture it puts on the tv screen. But it doesn't always do it.

I plugged David's vcr in to see if it jumps and it does, so obviously, it's not the vcr. I changed out the coaxial cable and that didn't make a difference. I've tried different tapes without success.

When it's in it's "jumping" mode, if I'm watching live tv through the vcr, that picture jumps too.

So if it's not the vcr and if it's not the coaxial cable, what else could it be? Seriously, it's driving me crazy.


fictionfiend said...

Hmmm. Make sure the coax is really cranked down tight on both of the connections.
Maybe the coax jack on the tv has a short.
Other than that, my next guess is possession.

sealegs said...

what's a vcr? ;)