Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I'm in class right now and there are so many people in this class that I have to sit on the floor because I was a couple of minutes late because I had to go to the library in between my first class and this one for my next class that's right after this one.

I predict that this semester is going to kick my ass...or at least this floor will.


sealegs said...

As I have had chronic punctuality problems my entire life, I too had several undergrad classes that I constantly wound up in the floor for the same reason. Now that I think back that's probably why I didn't go to those classes very often.

Anonymous said...

channel your rage and us it to kick those asses out of the seats or, for the non-violent type, wait a week for your class mates to drop out.


SerenitySprings said...

Hey, no kidding. I'm all old and stuff. One of those stupid kids should've gotten out of their chair and let me have it. Stupid kids. Back in my day we would've NEVER let an old lady sit on the floor.


Anonymous said...

I think situations like this may be why god made pepper spray.