Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Tampon/pad alternative

I was at CVS tonight and I saw this product on the shelves. I used this several years ago and it was awesome. I kind of forgot about it after that and haven't come across it again until now.

Products like this are just one more way that women are being able to have even more control over their bodies and their cycles. HOORAY for such advancements!


Traivor said...

Three observations:

1. Nicole thought this product was ridiculous. I don't remember why. I'm just passing it along.

2. No man should ever read that web page. TMI, baby. T-M-effin-I.

3. Any man who does for some awful reason, such as reading a blog, visit that site should be very careful to pay no attention the the suggestive of bloody puddle background image used therein.

SerenitySprings said...

I don't know who Nicole is but I've used this product and think it's extremely useful. Some women like to be involved in certain activities during their period (such as having sex or other strenuous physical activity) that just aren't possible while using a tampon.

Secondly, get over the webpage. You have a girlfriend so I'm sure you're quite comfortable with periods and information pertaining to periods.

Thirdly, how was trivia? What name did you guys use tonight? Did you kick the collective ass of that one team that always wins?

Traivor said...

Nicole is the one in the pointy hat. I went to school with her. Dave can tell you more.

If memory serves, when she was moving out of our house to go back to California she distributed a box of goodies to people at some party or other. A couple of these Instead things were involved. I'm pretty sure somebody tried to inflate one.

We are SO high brow.

SerenitySprings said...

LOL. Well, people like what they like!

greeneagles said...

TMI*TMI=Original blog and posted response.

SerenitySprings said...

Is it really the right or, dare I say, responsibility of an individual posting on SOMEONE'S BLOG to cry, "TMI! TMI!"