Monday, October 30, 2006

My new lucky charm

I have a new lucky charm and her name is Fictionfiend (aka Becky.)

Well, anyway, if you check out the Duckling's (aka Renee) blog from today you will see that Becky hooked Renee up with something totally sweet, even though Becky didn't know she had given Renee the perfect gift.

And last night David, Ted, and I went with Becky to a viewing of Fat Girls (aka Best Movie Ever) at the Magnolia (aka best theater for alcoholics) and David entered a raffle drawing and he won! He won a neat coffee thermos with two mugs and a handy carrying case, a set of five dvds (that I can't remember any details on except that I know Anthony [aka best straight gay guy ever] would be totally jealous if he knew about them because they're all musicals), a $50 gift certificate to Nikita (aka vodka heaven), and an interesting piece of art. We wouldn't have even known about this movie if not for Becky. She worked on the film. Yay Becky!

Also, she got us free tickets to see Cat on a Hot Tin Roof tomorrow night.

So, I'm just saying, Becky = my new lucky charm.

1 comment:

fictionfiend said...

I find it utterly hilarious that I am someone's lucky charm, as my own luck generally sucks sizable, hirsute Equus asinus testicles.

Glad I can be of service. :-)