Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Texas Gubernatorial Race 2006: Environment

Republican Rick Perry:
- Provided incentives for local governments to implement cleaner technologies.
- Signed legislation that creating and extending the Texas Emissions Reduction Plan until 2010.
- Tax incentives to Texas oil and gas producers who adopt orphaned wells.
- Development of renewable sources such as wind energy, solar power, biomass, and hydroelectric generation.

Democrat Chris Bell:
- Strengthen environmental regulations.
- Implement energy efficiency standards.
- Regulate emissions of carbon dioxide.

Independent Carole Keeton Strayhorn:
- No official position on campaign website.
- Refused to answer issues questions asked by Project Vote Smart.

Independent Kinky Friedman:
- Reliance on foreign fuels could be lessened by the introduction of renewable energy sources such as biodiesel and ethanol.

Libertarian James Werner:
- No officeial position on campaign website.
- Project Vote Smart says Werner would support the following:
- Increase funding for improvements to Texas' power generating and transmission facilities.
- Support funding for open space preservation.

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