Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ha! I was right!

Turns out is really is all about napping. College, that is, is all about napping. You see, going through finals is a lot like having a newborn baby. You sleep for two hours, work for two hours, sleep for two hours, work for two hours, and on and on. The only reason I survived caring for a newborn baby during the first few weeks of life was because I believe in the power of napping. And that's how I'm going to make it through this week. Lots of napping.

I'm just saying, when I rule the world, naps will be mandatory. And paper writing will be banned. Or at least lessened. Or semesters will be longer. Or something.

But there will definitely be naps. And Strong Bow.

Also, can anybody tell me why the NAACP would argue in Bell v. Maryland that state action occurred when Archibald Cox (what a name) knew the Supreme Court wouldn't fall for that one? Must have something to do with the Supreme Court trying to appear solidified when in reality they were being torn apart. Or something like that. Or maybe I'm reading it wrong. I think it might be time for one of those naps.

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