Thursday, November 16, 2006

I wonder if it was worth it?

Brazilian model dies due to anorexia complications.

Thanks to Becky for posting the link.


Anonymous said...

the really sad thing is, while she looks thin, she doesn't look as thin as some of the other models you see... that's a scary thought.

UnrulyDuckling said...

I thought the same thing - she doesn't look *that* skinny for a model. That is very scary.

Anonymous said...

i don't even need to see the photo. if it is anything like most models that are put forth, it is a disturbing thing to see. the sad fact is how many women believe the lies that are put forth by the clothing industry, Hollywood, cosmetics and the like about the how women should look.

these are not realistic and very damaging images that we as a society sadly encourage by paying to wear the clothing, buy the movies and paint our faces. many women are caught up in the lies that are promoted and have their own private struggles.

unfortunately, more men are also being caught up in this. both in terms of the rise in anorexia among males and the shifting perception about what a healthy body weight is which only further complicates how women feel about their weight.

we have been bombarded with these negative images for so long as a society and, it starts at such a young age for individuals, that our brains call out to us that there is something wrong with people who have healthy and natural bodies.

it makes me sad.