Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Seriously? Because I could've sworn I knew how to read a calendar.

Two times today, not once but twice, I freaked out in my brain because I thought it was Thursday and I didn't turn in that paper that was due today. TWO TIMES this happened before I turned that paper in at 12:30. It was like I was having that "show up naked to class" dream only it was actually happening. Except that instead of being naked I was just unprepared. Which I guess is what it means to have the "show up naked to class" dream...

Anyway, now I'm writing this paper that's due tomorrow wherein I compare the judiciaries of the Philippines and China and I keep wanting to add something about hidalgos from colonial Latin America because that's the paper I turned in today! And next week I have another Latin America paper due and the week after that, I kid you not, I have to write a paper on human rights, TWO papers on civil rights, and yet another paper on Latin America. Oh and also next week I have to present my human rights paper and defend the research to the entire class. And at some point next week, I don't know when yet, I have to defend my Philippines/China paper to a different class. Plus the week after Thanksgiving is finals week and so I'll have four in-class finals that week and two take-home finals.

Wake me when it's over? Seriously.

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Andy said...

Thank God I dont have to do exams anymore!