Thursday, December 28, 2006

40 Acre Rock

This afternoon David and I hiked to the top of a hill to see a big rock. The rock is huge and made up of quartz and other things that I can't remember. The rock has pools all over it that contain very rare plant-life. You can sort of see the red in this pool and this is one of the rare plants:

We saw a mockingbird high in a tree and I tried to photograph it but I was only able to get its silouhette because of the location of the sun at that time:

Getting this photo of the reflection of the trees in one of the large pools was fun:

And here's GQ David:

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Dave-o-ramA said...

The little red plant in this picture is a species called "elf orpine", or Diamorpha smallii. In spring it's got tiny white flowers that give these pools a sheen of white and red when viewed from a distance.

Here's a photo of elf orpine in bloom.