Friday, December 22, 2006

And you thought MY dreams were weird...

From an email from David:

Had a really weird dream, where we were trying for whatever reason to get out of some unnamed middle eastern country where the locals were trying to kill off various peoples they didn't like. No idea why we were there. Anyway, they told me that I had to go, but that you couldn't go. I started to do as they said, apparently in some sort of four-wheel-drive vehicle. Then I said 'fuck it, nobody's going to tell Holly she can't go anywhere', so I turned around to get you. Then we were in some sort of dreamstate Paris/London/other-european-city analog where somebody was trying to assassinate us, and we were shopping for antique furniture - because that's what you do.

The part where the evil sheik guy was being evil was creepy, but once I decided to ride in all cavalry style and we were in an odd european city with assassin-guy after us, or possibly just annoying neighbor guy who wanted to borrow some furniture - that wasn't really clear - then it was all ok. Because while, hey - assassins, we were mostly messing with antique furniture, so the assassins could fucking wait.

There really was no transition between me thinking 'wait a second - I call bullshit on Holly not coming with me' and turning the truck around and us being in Europe - but clearly this was the most natural and unsuprising/unremarkable thing ever because it made perfect sense at the time.

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