Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Children of Men

*Minor Spoilers*

David's description of Children of Men is very accurate.

To add to his description, I will say that the soundtrack was a teensy bit lame. There were times when I thought it was a little too obvious. However, the original pieces really added to the emotions evoked by the film. David was happy because there was one King Crimson song in the film (although I didn't recognize it and don't know anything about it.)

In my opinion, the cinematography deserves awards. I was awestruck at some of the shots because they went on forever and were obviously filmed with a hand-held. I definitely got the feeling that I was involved in the film on a personal level because the unique shooting style put me right in the midst of what was happening on the screen. The film that was used was striking because the picture was dark and grainy and matched beautifully with the overall tone of the film.

The director was Alfonso Cuaron (of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Y tu mamá también fame) and his vision for this film was nothing short of brilliant. His style is dark and fanciful but I appreciated the fact that he gave me little clues right before something especially dark or violent happened. I am one of those movie goers who can appreciate that violence and bloodshed add to the story but I don't necessarily want to see it with my own eyes. Cuaron's clues allowed me the freedom to choose what did and did not enter my brain.

I would highly recommend this film to everyone, but beware, it is very heavy and violent. Having said that, I can appreciate that the violence was not over the top and was needed to further the story.

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