Saturday, February 17, 2007

The first celebration of my birthday season

I told Becky about the horrors of the chocolate trade and the child slaves that are used in Africa to harvest the crops. Therefore, she thought it appropriate to give me "ethically traded" Endangered Species Chocolate.

David is giving me a bike for my birthday but we haven't had a chance to go pick it out yet. Therefore, I offer you one of his bike's wheels. 'Cuz that's how I roll...

Look! It's the special Buttercup Edition!
With AWESOME special features!

Cookies made out of girl scouts are the best cookies in the world!

Gotta get my Joss on.

This did not arrive in time for my birthday but I should be receiving it next week. wOOt!!

Amy Sedaris on hospitality. And rabbits.

As long as we don't watch it when Sharon's over...

This one is going to be a real pick-me-up.

My testicle maracas.

Indigo Girls!

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