Tuesday, February 06, 2007

President Bush's Budget

The President's current budget asks for $28 million more (for a total of $191 million) to fund his faith-based abstinence-only program while cutting funding to America's Title X Family Planning Program that provides about 5 million low-income women and men with basic health care every year. Guess how many programs are included in the budget for an actual sex education program? Zero.

While it is appropriate to teach abstinence to teenagers, safe sex information should not be ignored. Study after study has shown that kids are still having sex, regardless of the fact that they are recipients of the President's faith-based program. Refusing to teach them about safe sex is doing nothing to slow the rates at which teens are having sex and std's along with unplanned pregnancies are still rampant among that age group.

Voice your concerns by contacting Congress today. Find out how by clicking here and here.

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