Friday, February 02, 2007

Rick Perry, how I loathe thee

Rick Perry is making an obvious attempt to prove what a twat he is. Click here to see why.

You know, I'm all for females receiving the vaccine. If I were eligible, I'd get it in a heartbeat. I think it's complete and utter crap that there are religious zealots out there who won't get their daughters treated because they're afraid it'll be like giving them permission to become little sluts.

But Perry's obvious wishy-washiness on this issue is enough to make me scream! He's the one who's all for parental notification laws when it comes to reproductive issues. He's the one who cries out all the time about parental rights. But on this one? This one is okay for him to give a big "fuck you" to all the parents out there?

But even worse than that, he bypassed the legislature to do it! Does anybody remember what happened in South Dakota last year when the governor tried to outlaw abortion without granting a referendum? IT NEVER WORKS TO IGNORE THE PEOPLE. And do we really want politicians doing this so they can pass laws that they like whether the people like them or not? Isn't that a huge criticism of Dubya? I do NOT want some right-wing idiot making legislation for me without ME being represented! Slippery sloap, people, and we do NOT want to go on that sled ride.

Again let me say that I'm happy girls will be receiving the vaccine. Happy isn't even the right word. I'm relieved that girls will be getting it. Not getting it is like signing up for cervical cancer and females that can get this vaccine are very very lucky. What I can't stomach is the obvious retardation that Perry is exhibiting by bypassing the legislature.

I'm sure when I come down off of this anger high I'll be able to look at this situation more clearly and maybe I'll even think it's a good thing. But right now I'm just pissed that he's so full of crap and EVERY SINGLE PERSON who voted for Kinky in November ostensibly elected Rick Perry. What's worse is that every single one of you that voted for Kinky knew you would be sentencing us to more years of the Perry regime. And if you don't admit it, you're lying to yourself. Well done, citizens of Texas, well fucking done.


UnrulyDuckling said...

I know you said you were building a bridge and getting over it, so I'll quit the email barrage. However, I have one more point/question, and I'm going to put it here just because I can. (Place emoticon sticking out it's tongue here.)

Do you think there was a public referendum on measles and mumps vaccinations being required for school kids? Why is this different? If we took the "sex-disease" aspect out of the debate and made it about preventing cancer, I imagine the whole conversation would look a lot different.

Traivor said...

Everybody who voted for Bell instead of Kinky ostensibly elected Perry. Build a bridge and get over THAT.

I voted for the guy I wanted to win. Deciding your vote based on triangulating who you think can get elected is how, along with some artistic vote counting in Ohio, we got the utterly uninspiring and ultimately unelected John Kerry as the '04 Dem candidate for president. Fat lot of good that did us.

SerenitySprings said...

Traivor - John Kerry also belongs in the "twat" category. And if you'll go look at the percentage of votes that Bell and Kinky got, you'll see that Kinky shouldn't have even been in the race. If you vote for an off-party candidate, you're wasting your vote. I didn't make that the reality, but it is what it is. Welcome to modern-day politics.

Duckling - Here's the thing, I really do think this vaccine is a good thing. I'm personally happy that right-wing nut jobs will now have to face the fact that this vaccine is less about becoming sexually active and more about saving lives.

That being said, I do not approve of governors passing laws that bypass the legislature. I think it wastes time and money and only ensures that at some point in the not too distant future, there will be a huge fight about it in the legislature. What if Perry decides mandatory prayer in school is a good idea? I know that won't happen, but what if it did? Clearly he would be doing it to make a political point, knowing that it'll eventually get overturned by somebody somewhere.

This vaccine should be mandatory because people pull their heads out of their asses and realize it's going to save lives. People need to understand that providing this vaccine, or condoms, or the BCP, or information about those things will not lead to more people having sex. It'll only lead to more people having safe sex.

The bottom line is that people are stupid. They are stupid about many, many things. If politicians start passing laws they don't understand, the laws will not stand. There is a reason there is a legislature and bypassing them is not a responsible way to get things done. Until people understand what the point of the vaccine is and stop focusing on the sexual aspect of it, there will be no change.

Personally, I hope this law stands. I hope girls everywhere know a life free from the fear of cervical cancer. But education is key. I don't see Perry doing a lot of educating here.

Traivor said...

Modern politics can eat a dick, and the actual vote count doesn't mean anything to me because we don't know how many people voted for one of the big two simply because they hold your wasted vote world view.

Call me a hopeless idealist, but I think voting based on "electability" is the truly wasted vote.

SerenitySprings said...

Maybe it is wasted but that's not how politics work. We have a two-party system for a reason and if you compare America to other places around the globe, you'll see that something about the way we do things works. We don't have anarchy, coup d'tats, or political murders or disappearances. I'm not saying America is perfect but I'd sure rather live here and play by these political rules than live in some shit hole country where I can't have a blog to give my anger to.

UnrulyDuckling said...

My point (slow as it is to arrive) is that required immunizations for public school children are not under the jurisdiction of the legislature. In Texas the Department of Health is in charge of making those rules. Perry didn't circumvent the will of the people. He circumvented the Department of Health. If we brought this vaccination requirement to a vote, we would be making a special case for it. There's no reason to do so since this shouldn't be a political issue, but an issue of public health.

SerenitySprings said...

Duckling - I didn't know that so thanks for bringing it to my attention.

But it still doesn't change the fact that there is a serious fight ahead of us. Since it won't happen at the legislative level, it'll go to the courts because so many parents are adamantly opposed to the vaccination. Hopefully the courts will reaffirm the decision, but it is still a huge waste of time and tax-payer money.

Traivor said...

Yup. The coups in Canada in recent years have been particularly bloody.

SerenitySprings said...

And just think how much more your comment would've been worth had I said "every other county besides America."

Traivor said...

Perhaps I misunderstood. My reading of your comment was along the lines of we have a two party system because anything else leads to chaos. Well, there are other non-chaotic countries who do not have a two party system. Canada, UK, Germany, etc. Arguably they have two main parties, but other parties are able to get elected and actually be a factor in government.

Karl said...

If the Democrats want my vote they can nominate a real candidate.

As for vaccines, have you added up how many shots are being required of kids these days? 24 doses in the first 18 months. It's ridiculous. Nobody's stopping to ask "Are we past the point of diminishing returns? Is this total load on the immune system doing more harm than good?" How many vaccine-induced autoimmune diseases are we getting, more or less than the number of cancer cases prevented? Nobody knows--the research isn't being done.