Friday, March 16, 2007


I had this dream last night that I was over at my friends house to play this living video game. It was kind of a medieval game and you were shrunken down to video game size to run through this foresty looking thing and a big giant chased you.

After it was over and I had safely made it through the forest, I wanted to take a bath because I was all dirty. Once I was back to normal size I went looking for some towels. Although it was difficult to find them I finally found some hand towels and decided to use those.

The door to the bathroom was a two piece door so the bottom half could be closed with the top half still open. I kept trying to latch the upper half closed but the lock was broken and nobody would come help me because they were too busy playing on the computer. They donated $300 every two hours to the National Archives so they got free internet access.

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sealegs said...

Better than dreaming that Unruly Duckling was trying to kill your co-worker with a poisonous mushroom sandwich.... Seriously, what is THAT about?