Monday, April 16, 2007


Nathan Fillion's new show, Drive, premiered last night. Once again FOX has given us a great show. Let's just hope this one doesn't get canceled!

The show is fast-paced and dramatic. The soundtrack is a wee bit cheesy but I think if FOX gives this show a chance they'll be able to work through that.

The premise of the show is that there is an illegal cross-country race going on that has been going on for years. All of the competitors are in the race for different reasons. One person is there because the people putting the race on kidnapped his wife and he can't get her back until he crosses the finish line. Another person is there because she wants to get the people putting the race on back for kidnapping her as a child and forcing her parents into the race. One person is there because he's dying and thought this would be a good thing for himself and his daughter to do before he passes. Other people are there for many reasons that have yet to be revealed but each contestant's story promises to be interesting and varied. Also, the $32 million prize to the winner(s) doesn't hurt!

I certainly hope FOX doesn't let this one go. Starring Nathan Fillion, with a smaller role going to Amy Acker, and produced by Tim Minear, this show promises to be awesome. It's so nice to have surprising, edge-of-your-seat writing on tv again! This dulls the pain of missing Joss somewhat...

If you've seen the show and want to let FOX know they should fight to keep this show on the air, you may email them here:

Tonight the show moves to its regular time slot at 8/7 Central.

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