Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Actual Conversation

Me: I think that if everyone stopped wearing glasses their eye-sight would get better. I mean, what did the cavemen do? It's not like they could've gone to the eye doctor. I've worn glasses since the third grade so what did the little cave-babies do? Get eaten by big animals because they couldn't see them?

Mindy: Probably.

Me: That's some shoddy evolution right there. You'd think we would've worked out how to have good eye-sight by this point.

Mindy: Personally, I think it was all a shoddy design. On the sixth day God created pot and on the seventh he decided to make up some humans. Unfortunately, he was high at the time.

Me: You'd think evolution would be more innovative.

Mindy: Seriously. I mean, have you seen how easy it is to kick somebody in the nuts?? And why did our brains go into the top part of our bodies where there's no padding? They should be in our asses where there's all that extra padding!

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