Friday, June 15, 2007

Actual Email Conversation

Me: I think the IUD works because you don't feel like having sex. If you're not having sex, you're not getting pregnant.

Traivor: That's what Mary thought. Boy was she pissed.

Me: I have to say that it would be a bit of poetic justice if God chose me to grow his next clone in my uterus.

Traivor: I think congress should retroactively make god cloning illegal.

Me: But only if they do it with a non-binding resolution.


Anonymous said...

This is why the IUD I'm getting five weeks from now (yes, I'm counting down) is the the kind without hormones... Because seriously, I want to have sex.

SerenitySprings said...

The IUD hasn't caused too many hormonal issues but at first there was a lot of cramping and pain. When you feel like your insides are being squeezed by Godzilla, sex is pretty much the last thing on your mind.