Monday, June 25, 2007

Donating Books

Through a friend we recently became aware that a man from Cameroon living in Dallas is attempting to build a library for his village back home. From the email:

We are collecting donations of books to impact our friend's village.

Though Cameroon is rich in resources compared to the rest of Africa, many of those in power abuse their positions resulting in the rest of the country living in poverty. With the common people in Cameroon struggling to feed themselves and their families, much of the country lacks the common tools required to succeed in a modern world.

For instance, electricity is not common in many rural areas. Though about 70% of Cameroonians are able to read, they do not have the resources to see what may be possible for them in their future or what change they can bring to their country.

Our friend wishes to be part of the change in Cameroon. As the first of ten children, culturally, he is responsible for his family. His family extends beyond those who are blood and continues to the thousands of men, women and children that make up his village.

While he has a masters degree in French Literature, he is working on not only adjusting to our culture and language but also finding ways to provide for his village.

We want to see that his village gets proper items to break the cycle of subsistence living and see that a better future is possible. We hope that by building a library for the village we can bring a slow change to this current cycle. By making donations directly to the village, we can avoid the corrupt government and see that those who need these items most will receive them. We all know that education is a predictor of success and a bridge to change.

We're asking you to donate any used books at any level and we will pay to ship them to Africa. This is the first collection. We're looking forward to sending everyone stories in the future about how we changed his village.

If you wish to become involved in building this library by donating books, please contact me and I will put you in touch with the people organizing this donation.

Every little thing we can do has the potential to change someone's life immeasurably.

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