Thursday, June 21, 2007


Here is an article from the Dallas Morning News about some Burundi refugees that arrived in the US a week or so ago. Catholic Charities is mentioned in the article and that's the organization that I volunteer with.

Burundi is a teeny tiny country in East Africa that shares borders with Rwanda, Tanzania, and Congo. As you can imagine, it's been war-torn for decades and many people from that country have spent the last 30 to 40 years living in refugee camps. The children arriving in the DFW area right now were born in and have spent their entire lives in refugee camps. Thank God the US State Department is relocating many of the families to the US and for the other countries accepting these refugees.

I know sometimes it can be irritating and difficult to have non-English speakers in the US working at jobs where we have to do business. But the fact of the matter is, these people have no where else to go. They have existed in conditions that most Americans cannot imagine and without countries like the US accepting these people, that horrible life would continue. Disease, hunger, rape, and war have plagued these people for years and it's time, for those of us who can, to help.

On Sunday I will be speaking in two different Catholic Churches regarding what Catholic Charities does. One church is in Oak Cliff and the other is in East Dallas. I don't know anything about Catholicism or the areas where these churches are located but I know that people need to hear what Catholic Charities is doing and how they can help.

For all of you who have donated your time, household goods, clothes, money, etc., thank you. Not only from me but also from the refugees that you are helping. Anytime you have anything to donate, let me know. I will pick the stuff up and deliver it for you. Whatever it takes to help these new arrivals feel a little bit more like they're at home.

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