Tuesday, June 26, 2007

She's Free

I honestly didn't even know who this was until I read the caption. Seriously, jail looks good on Paris Hilton.


GOJIRO said...

Maybe it's not her. Maybe she sent a celebrity impersonator to do her time for her...

Regardless, she looks a zillion times better without the colored contacts and blue metric fuckton of makeup.

Doesn't make her any less of a Stupid Spoiled Whore, though.

fictionfiend said...

It was all that sweet lesbian lovin' she got in the slammer. ;)

Or maybe it was just the mandatory detox from all the shit she was smoking/drinking/inhaling

Anonymous said...

i agree, i normally think she is extrremely unattractive (seriously, if you have that much money, do something about the nose) (just kidding... well sorta)
but, she actually looks normal!

Dave-o-ramA said...

Huh. You take off the coat of Glidden Allweather Latex Skank and you've got a normal person.

Anonymous said...

If there is a first time for everything, this is it for Paris. I saw this photo and actually thought she looked cute and almost girl next door. She wears humility well.

Either she should go to jail more often or take the lessons learned and keep heading down this path. I would recommend the latter as the jail thing is not all that fun.