Friday, June 29, 2007

Summer television

Looking for a guilty pleasure this summer? Yes.

Looking for such fantastic stories as being deep into debt and needing money so you become a surrogate mother of twins and then give birth to them on a pool table in a bar because you can't let anyone know the babies aren't yours so after they're born you tell everyone they're dead? Check.

Looking for an hour a week that will let you sit down with a box of tissues and some chocolate and then cry your eyes out because oh my god those babies are so effing cute how is she ever going to give them up and crap what if the officials find out???!!! ? Absolutely.

Looking for an evening soap opera to watch to fill the gaping hole that Grey's Anatomy* left when it went on summer hiatus? Please god YES.

Looking for a show that has super-hot Catherine Bell looking all botoxed? You have no idea just how much.

Then Army Wives is the show for you. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll be embarrassed that you love this show. BUT, you will enjoy it. Embrace your inner vapidness and join me on the Dark Side. It'll be fine. I promise.

*And oh my god how happy are you that Isaiah "Fucktard" Washington got fired from that show?!? Teach him to call somebody a fag!

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