Saturday, July 28, 2007

An appropriate response

An eleven-year-old asks, "What does fugly mean?"

Your response?


Traivor said...

"Go look in the mirror, and leave me alone!"

Julie said...

Would "fantastically ugly" fly?

Anonymous said...

It may not be exactly right, but here's what the ladies from say it means:

Go Fug Yourself

Launched: July, 2004
Revenue: Estimated $6,240 a month based on ad rates and self-reported traffic data

Last year, this blog, devoted to ridiculing celebrity fashion, made enough money through ad sales that its two authors, Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan, quit their television industry jobs so they could mock full-time. The Los Angeles-based duo insists that the blog's title uses the verb form of "fantastically ugly," their term of art for stars' over-the-top outfits. The mechanics are simple: They take celebrity photos from a wire service, add snarky comments about the getups, and click "publish." The result? Some 3.5 million unique visitors a month, a book coming out in February, and two full-time jobs. All the ads are sold through Blogads. One week of a bare-bones text ad starts at $60, and deluxe banners top $3,000. Cocks says what started as a goofy joke between friends three years ago has become a successful company: "Suddenly our inside joke was turning into a business, and it caught us completely by surprise."

From Business Week's article "How Bloggers Make Money" (Story 11 of 14):

(at least that way you can back yourself up with an article referencing a -somewhat- reputable site)

Gojiro said...

Freaking Ugly. Now give me your tots!

greeneagles said...

Frakking Ugly