Friday, July 13, 2007

Kids Korner

Apparently when I was a child living in Indiana I really enjoyed sending letters to the local newspaper for the "Kids Korner" section. Here are a few of my entries:

Kit... (Age 7)
I like Kit because he goes very fast and he can do lots of tricks. He even talks! He is Knight Rider's car. The show is fun to watch. Kit jumps things like stone walls. Knight Rider pushes buttons and then things in the car happen. That's neat! He can do incredible things! He is really cool. Knight Rider is cool too! I like the show because the show is the neatest show on earth! That's why I like it.

Ice Skating... (Age 7)
I have never been ice skating before. I am going to go on the 21st. I am going to have fun. In front of our house the water froze. It is fun. It has not melted yet and it has been very sunny. I tried to put my sled on it. It does not slide across. Ouch! I hurt myself. My sister hurt herself. Then when we are done we go inside and get some hot chocolate. I love it!

Indiana license plates... (Age 7)
I think that our license plates should be very pretty with butterflies and with rainbows. That would be very pretty. My family used to live in Oklahoma so now we have to have an Indiana license plate. The one we have now is good too. The people in Indiana are called Hoosiers and I think that should be on our license plate.

If I could dream it again... (Age 8)
My favorite dream is when I dreamed I was a queen. I lived in a big palace. I had a nice king. I was as beautiful as a red rose. I had a beautiful garden. Oh, I almost forgot. I had a beautiful little girl. I had a lot of fun when I was a queen.

One wish... (Age 10)
If I had one wish it would be to be able to fly to Miami then get on a boat and sail to Japan. We have some good friends who live there. Then after one week we would get back on the boat, go back to Miami, and then fly to Washington, D.C., spend one night in his house and then go home the next day.


Anonymous said...

"Knight Rider is cool too! I like the show because the show is the neatest show on earth!"

You and the whole nation of Germany shared a common belief.


Dave-o-ramA said...

That the French should plant more trees along their streets?