Friday, September 07, 2007


Jack tripped at school today and heard a "pop" from his left foot/ankle. His school called at about 11:50 this morning to see if I wanted him to go get x-rays. Since it was swollen I decided, sure, why not?

The tech x-rayed his left foot/ankle and showed the doc. The doc saw "something" at the talus and decided to x-ray the other foot for comparison. The right (unhurt) foot is normal, the left (hurt) foot is not. He doesn't know why it's not normal but there is definitely something there. The two bones that were compared are distinctly different in shape and size. I was able to see it quite clearly when he showed me the x-rays. Could be the "pop" Jack described, but is more likely unrelated. The "unrelated" comment sounded sufficiently ominous that I am mildly concerned. He sent the x-rays for a second opinion and we should know more by Monday.

In the meantime Jack is wrapped, iced, elevated, and on strict bed rest. No walking, no P.E., no fencing, no anything. Good times.


Heather said...

Would you like to borrow the PS2 for Jack's entertainment? I can also get ahold of a Game Cube.

SerenitySprings said...

We've got one of both and I've already called the Gamecube because it's my favorite and if he's sentenced to house arrest, so am I. Thanks though!