Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Work, Domestic Violence, Religion, Rage

This week I discovered the worst part of my job: having to teach men who beat their wives. I'm sure I've had students in the past who've beaten their wives but this is the first time I've ever known it for sure. The mere sight of these men fills me with a rage so intense I want to punch them in the face.

And then I get angry at the women too because they choose to stay. That's right, choose to stay. This is America. They don't need those men to be the breadwinners for them anymore. None of them have jobs because they are all so new here so the women could become the ones who make the money for the family. But most of them come from some country where stupid missionaries went to "spread" the gospel truth, and much like the crazy FLDS members, these women believe that if they leave their husbands they won't be allowed into heaven. And then once you take into account the psychological abuse heaped upon these women, I start feeling really guilty for being mad at them in the first place.

Organized, patriarchal religion ultimately harms so many people and anyone who can't see that is living in a very secluded world. Pick up a newspaper, people, listen to some stories of people who don't come from your perfect little congregation. Stop sitting in pews singing antiquated hymns or choruses and get out there into the real world. I seriously doubt Jesus would've wanted you to sit there for an hour once a week and then the rest of the week be too busy with "real" life to not have time to help those who need it most. Hypocrites.

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