Wednesday, November 07, 2007

"Roe v. Wade for Men"

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I've always been a proponent for men being legally allowed to "financially abort", but only under very strict circumstances. Some of the conditions I think should be met are the biological mother and father must not be a couple, the financial abortion has to take place no later than at 24 weeks of pregnancy, and the biological father cannot change his mind once the court has granted the "abortion."

Is my plan completely safe? If things were done my way would everything be fair for every party involved? No, but sometimes that's just life. If women are allowed to end pregnancies and forgo the financial (and emotional, physical, etc.) strain of child rearing then men should be allowed to opt out too. That seems fair. Unfortunately, nothing about pregnancy is fair. Men don't carry the fetus so they don't get to make decisions regarding the pregnancy. Might not be fair but it is reality.

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