Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I saw my doctor yesterday and she said I am definitely going crazy. The prescribed treatment is sleep. Well no shit. So she gave me some Lunesta to try. I've been taking Ambien for a couple of months now and it seemed to work for the first month or so but stopped about 3 or 4 weeks ago.

So last night I took the Lunesta at 9:30, hoping to be asleep by 10 so I could comfortably get up at 6-ish this morning. At 1 a.m. I was still awake and very pissed. Poor David slept on the couch because I couldn't get the room dark enough, cool enough, quiet enough, etc. etc. etc. I have a very supportive husband.

Anyway, called the doctor back today and the nurse was all, "Wow, that's really strange. You really should be able to sleep with the Lunesta, especially since it was your first night. I really don't know what to tell you. Clearly you have a sleeping problem." Again I say, NO SHIT.

I haven't slept now in about 3-4 weeks. I change lanes and exit freeways and don't even remember doing it. I prepare stuff for my ESL students and if I remember to take it with me I rarely remember getting it ready. I start the washer but forget to add soap. There are other things but shockingly I can't remember them.

I need sleep. I have no idea how to get it. Each night is worse than the last and every day I feel crazier. My head hurts, my body aches, my brain feels numb. I fell asleep on the couch about 3 times this afternoon while we were watching tv and I woke myself up each time when I stopped breathing. I hate everything.

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Heather said...

What gets me is that people are supposed to take Ambiem or Lunesta because they have a sleeping problem. But the nurse feels that you definitely have a sleeping problem because the pills will not work for you. There is something seriously wrong there. And I know that I am stating the obvious.

If you need anything please let me know. Seriously.