Sunday, December 30, 2007

Holidays 2007: Day 2, Friday, Dec. 21

Day 2 of the trip finds Jack hunting with his Grampy and Holly and me driving to the Oklahoma City airport to pick up David. That evening we had Christmas with Holly's family and after that saw Holly's sister-in-law's father's yard which had been decorated for the holiday. Can you find me in the yard photos?

When Wendy's attacks!

When sleep attacks!

When a tiny dinosaur attacks a gas station!

When cats attack trees!

When Christmas trains attack!

When Christmas houses attack!

When Knut attacks!

When Christmas Jack's attack Jack!

When Christmas yards attack!

When Christmas family photos attack!

When I attack my human!

When outfits attack!

And my personal favorite - when Martini attacks! Or, in the alternative, when First Contact attacks!


King Saul 1 said...

Cool pix and i was laughing all the way through. Just 1 question though, how can a beaver type?

SerenitySprings said...

It is an incredibly evolved beaver. Has opposable thumbs and everything!