Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Perfect way to start the day

This morning on the way to work there was an old, grungy guy begging for money at one of the intersections. As I put my hand up to wave him over to my car, he puts his fists up at me all "fisticuffs" style. As I rolled down my window he screamed, "I'm gun getchoo!" I just laughed at him and replied, "There will be no beatings today. Today is NOT a good day for that. NO BEATINGS." He laughed as he took my money and said, "You my new boo. You my new big red. God bless."

I'm somebody's big red boo. Practically brings a tear to the eye.

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stu42j said...

I'm not sure why but I've never really been comfortable giving money to people at intersections, from a car window.

Working near downtown and, particularly, using public transit, I frequently come into contact with homeless people. I'll usually give any loose change I have in my pocket or more if they have a good story. I've recently been thinking about including some Dallas homeless support organizations in our charitable giving but I don't know who the worthy ones are.