Wednesday, April 09, 2008

New Health Update/Actual Conversation

Today my primary care physician told me not to expect to be able to go back to work anytime soon because of the syncope and waiting for all of the tests that have been done and that will soon be done on my heart.

She also prescribed me a pill that should help me stop smoking. You smoke for the first week you take the pill but after that no more cigarettes and you continue the pill for three to six months or until the urge is gone. Even though I don't really smoke too much the habit is growing with my cabin fever and I want to put a stop to it before I'm back to smoking a pack or more a day.

Also, I received the best prescription ever today. She prescribed me to host more murder mystery parties! She said she could tell I was really excited about it and that she wished she could come and that it'll help ward off the boredom of my current (non)life.

Sometimes doctors don't totally suck.

So I go to Presbyterian Hospital on Friday for an EKG and after that I visit a cardiologist. So now that's five doctors working on my case. I don't know if I should feel special or scared!

On a side note, next I'll be receiving my WWE. Sounds cool, huh? But it's really just code for pap smear (women's wellness exam.) Here's where the Actual Conversation takes place:

Me: It's time for my yearly pap smear.

Doctor: Oh, we can do that here. But not today. We'll have to schedule it.

Me: Oh, I don't want to do it today. I'm not ready.

Doctor: Oh? Why? Do you need time to prepare yourself mentally?

Me: No, it's because I think of preparing for a pap smear in the same way as I think of preparing for a hot date.

Doctor: (After laughing.) I can definitely tell you're feeling better.

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