Tuesday, May 20, 2008


When a doctor prescribes you a drug, don't you just automatically assume they know what they're doing? I was prescribed an antibiotic called Levaquin for bronchitis and a possible upper respiratory infection and let me tell you, the side effects are not worth it.

I've been sitting (read: lying) here in agony for 2 1/2 days now not having any idea what's going on. I started the drug on Friday and by Saturday I was experiencing pretty severe panic attacks (or, as I thought at the time, a possible heart attack.) Guess what? Side effect of Levaquin. Why in the name of the FSM would you prescribe something that causes panic attacks to someone who already experiences panic attacks?

And the headache. Oh my god, it's like a migraine - only worse. I won't even try to describe the pain in my muscles and joints, which I say again, why on earth would you prescribe this drug to someone when it causes painful inflammation and TENDONS TO BURST in someone who already has those problems naturally??

And to top it all off, the stupid drug doesn't seem to be helping with the bronchial whatever it is anyway. So all this pain and suffering is for NOTHING.

I almost simultaneously passed out and vomited about an hour ago. Again, let's try prescribing something that doesn't cause dizziness or nauseousness in someone already experiencing those things!

I can't type anymore. It hurts too badly. I hate everything.

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