Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fibromyalgia: Part II

I'm looking into acupuncture and massage and trying to do what my body tells me. I feel like a loser though because I haven't worked or finished my 9 hours of school in over 7 months. I know that's par for the course with this disease but it still pisses me off.

Another problem I have is that when the pain gets really severe I have to take too much medication to make it stop or else take sleeping pills so that I sleep through it. When I take those drugs the pain sort of goes away but I can still feel it plus I always get a splitting headache and feel all high and weird. Any advice about tolerating the medications? (Lyrica, Relafin, Darvocet, & Skelaxin. Trazadone or Xanax to sleep.)

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purplepooh said...

I understand very thing you say. I have fibromyalgia, thyroid and much more. I'm 41yrs old and don't feel that i should be 80yrs old. I feel everything you feel and so much more. Have you talk to a doctor one that you can tell ever thing to. Not family or friend they wont get what your say. Believe me it is better keep it to your self. Don't tell them they will not understand what your going thought and way you take so many pills. They will see you as a drugy. That is why i tell everyone that i can what i'm telling you.
Good Luck I'll be here for you.